Hello, everyone!

I am a senior at Hartwick College and work as a Blue Key Tour Guide. I am an Environmental Chemistry major with a minor in Environmental Science and Policy and a minor in Political Science. This summer I interned at the EPA in Boston and worked on Environmental Justice issues.

I love nature, love, friendship, family sustainability, and chemistry. Have a wonderful day!


The Global Water Crisis ⎢How Much Water Do We Really Use Everyday? ⎢Take…

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"The biggest mistake in thinking about water has always been thinking about it as disconnected from everything else." - Peter Gleick of the Pacific Institute, Last Call at The Oasis

You could move in with me, but I don’t live anywhere.

Larry Fleinhardt

Update about me


Hi, all. I am into my second week of my research assistantship for grad school! I’m super excited. I’m off to a slow start as my advisor recommended but I’m already getting excited about my reading. Last week I had to opportunity to learn a little about our lab work, went on a site visit, and…

You’ll never know how much I really love you…

To All My Recent College Grads

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The sad thing is the sketch at the end about how women have to live is very true…

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Unfortunately this s like me theme song even though I just want to move on from you…..

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