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I am a senior at Hartwick College and work as a Blue Key Tour Guide. I am an Environmental Chemistry major with a minor in Environmental Science and Policy and a minor in Political Science. This summer I interned at the EPA in Boston and worked on Environmental Justice issues.

I love nature, love, friendship, family sustainability, and chemistry. Have a wonderful day!


Silent Spring Book Review

Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring sparked the environmental movement in the United States. Silent Spring is an important part of environmental history. Everyone should want to learn about the environment for the decisions we make as individuals and the policy decisions we support will affect the environment for future generations. I recommending Silent Spring for anyone interested in environmental issues, especially those who to study and improve the environment. Even though many of the facts in Carson’s book are out of date, the basic concepts she talks about are still important to understanding the environment today.
I read Silent Spring last year for my Environmental Politics and Policy class. The main points in Silent Spring are the chemicals we use kill everything, the small doses of chemicals we are exposed to each day build up over time, and chemicals are only a temporary solution that can actually make the situation worse. Below is an adaptation of the review I wrote about the book. I hope the facts discussed in the review spark your interest and maybe even inspire you to pick up the book and see what you may learn from it. Enjoy!

Anonymous asked
i think those tin thing for water are weird. and besides, they only do that for the safety of other (im referring to your post about the fact that you hate places that wont allow unopened bottles). without that rule, people could bring alcohol into places where they shouldnt be, or even liquid explosives, though the former is more likely than the latter. either way, its still a safety concern, so either you can suck it up for your precision environment or just not enjoy beverages. have a nice day

Why do you find steel bottles weird?

I understand that it is a safety issue. But I have been places that just check what the liquid inside the bottle is safe. That isn’t that hard. Also, I have no money to waste on a resource that is free. They should allow you to bring empty bottles to fill at filling stations if they won’t take the time to check each person’s steel water bottle. 

What is “precision environment”? The environment is not mine, it is all of ours and if we do not take care of it, it will not last long. Water is becoming a finite resource when it has always been a renewable resource. Water should not cost anyone anything, yet we charge people to buy water and we take a toll on the environment by take water out in too large of amounts to bottle it and by producing the plastic used for the bottles. Too few people understand how horrible landfills are and they do not recycle.